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Fondo Para La Libertad Vermont
Vermont Freedom Bail Fund

Help our immigrant neighbors gain freedom from prison and deportation!

Fondo Para La Libertad VT
Vermont Freedom Bail Fund

We are a tax-deductible fund available to bail out immigrants living in Vermont held on immigration charges. Immigrants with any chance of release from ICE prison need bail in order to be freed from the prison system to rejoin their families and communities, have wider legal options, get help in preparing their cases, and be able to earn their living.

What We Do

The Fund works with those detained and their legal counsel to provide the bail funds they need in order to be released.

What happens to the money?

When an immigration case is closed, the person involved usually leaves the country. The bail funds may be returned through a complex process, enabling funds to be reused. However, we cannot count on the funds being returned for a variety of reasons. Those who benefit from the fund and stay in Vermont will be encouraged to promote the fund within their communities.  This fund enables allies to accompany our immigrant neighbors in their struggle for life.

Who is at risk?

Approximately 1000­-2000 immigrants from Mexico and Central America have been in Vermont since the mid­1990s, working invisibly at dairy farms, sustaining Vermont’s dairy industry, and paying a heavy price with their lives.

Why is this happening?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) are arresting undocumented immigrants all over the country under new ICE policies that have eliminated any prioritized categories for such actions.
ICE and CPB agents arrest people without judicial warrants, act abusively and terrorize them on farms, separating families, arresting them outside doctors’ offices, at supermarkets, at home, walking on farm roads. 
Another factor driving increased arrests is the federal budget for Dept. of Homeland Security, which requires a daily bed quota of 52,000 immigrants to be detained in, about half of which are for-­profit prisons, none of which are in Vermont. 

Is this happening in Vermont?

Despite passage of Vermont state law to stop racial profiling by police, state agencies have provided information enabling ICE and CBP to identify and arrest immigrant activists in northern Vermont.

There are days full of wind, there are days full of fury, the day full of tears, but there are also days full of love, which give us the courage to keep going. — 
Victor Diaz, while incarcerated by ICE, April 2016

What can you do?

Or send a check or money order to:

Vermont Freedom Fund
1350 Sherman Hollow Rd
Huntington, VT 05462

People do not belong in cages!
Let’s build solidarity and compassion!
¡Muchas Gracias!  Thank You Very Much!

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Vermont Freedom Bail Fund / El Fondo Para La Libertad VT is to provide bail funds for the early release of undocumented immigrants from prison to avoid deportation, to enable them to return to their families, communities and employment as soon as possible, and to have access to more legal options in their immigration cases, while creating solidarity between people seeking justice in a period of increased incarceration and criminalization of people of color.

Who are we?

Fondo Para La Libertad VT / Vermont Freedom Bail Fund

Steering Committee members: 

Lisa Barrett

Lane Fury

Sylvia Knight

Aly Johnson-Kurts

Robert K. Wright

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